Internet Stock Brokers. Similar to Internet Poker Players?

Author: John M Shaw

If they swapped jobs for a year, who do you think would come out on top, the internet stock broker or the skillful hold'em player? Strong poker players possess many skills common to good online stock brokers. They all have an impulsive killer edge which can work tremendously well on the trading floor.

Which ever playing field you select, if you do not develop your own logical and rational mind-set you will find it difficult to excel. Certain people respond differently to pressure. Texas hold'em is a solid testing ground of keeping your nerve under intense stain. You'll fail to deliver if you lack planning and strategy in your approach.

Joe Cada, the youngest WSOP champ is a keen follower of the exchange markets. The value of money was drilled into him as a boy. His aim of making it big in finance, resulted in his swift rise in the professional poker world. He proceeded to win over $8million in cash and enviable WSOP title. He did all this before he turned twenty-three.

All expert poker players like Cada are flexible and brilliant thinkers. A measly ten percent of online poker players win consistently. Any winning player has demonstrated an advanced skill level to buck the trend.

Recently, financial employment agencies have been looking to online poker players due to their inbred analytical skills. The recruitment of strong poker players now appears a viable option. The assurance and direction of a solid professional poker player is ideal within a high-pressure fiscal job. Great poker players are identical to internet stock brokers, in that they acknowledge when to press when they are in front and also when to step aside when they feel they are on to a loser. This ability presents a strong poker player an edge in any market trading arena.

Employment agencies frequently search for skills beyond the schoolroom. If they get two equally matched interviewees, one person has train spotting as a hobby, the other prospect announced he regularly played high stakes poker to pay his way through university. He understands how to play marginal situations and hasĀ  in-depth experience with poker bankroll management, and how to safe-guard his funds. Who'd you think should have more chance of getting the job? My money is on the poker player.

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Experienced players know poker bank-roll management is a requirement. It displays to great money management skills under strain. The ability to maintain discipline under pressure makes a pro Hold'em player a superb choice, if he chooses to put his heart and soul into becoming an internet stock broker.