Wsop and Poker Tournaments

Author: Andy Fullard

The World Series of Poker first started in 1970 at Binion's Casino in Las Vegas and today is considered the most prestige's poker tournament held any where in the world. In the last few years the field of players has been enormous in number and the prize money has been several million dollars to the winner of the tournament. They have been showing the poker tournaments on TV and the camera view of what each player is holding has helped to gain a huge TV audience. Three factors have attracted the large number of players to tournament poker. The many televised tournaments that are now shown on TV are one factor of the growth. Another factor is the many satellite tournaments where a player can pay a small entry fee and win the entry into the tournaments. The final factor is the popularity of Internet poker and the many tournaments that offered daily at these online poker casinos. This has allowed many young players to gain experience and they now make the final table at many tournaments that are shown on TV.

There is a significant difference between tournament poker and cash game poker. When you lose all of your chips in a cash game, you can buy more. In a tournament when your stack is gone, you are finished in that tournament. So the secret is to maintain your chip total and try to make the final table where the prize money is the highest. When the blinds are low, the player can take some flyers with suited connectors and lower pairs. When the blinds get really high, the better hands may not come and you need to be more aggressive or you will be blinded out of the tournament. It is difficult to wait for really solid starting hands in tournament play. Aggression is rewarded and the art of the bluff is a big part of the way the game is played. Calling significant raises in tournaments should be done only when you have a solid hand or have many outs that can give you a winning hand. Gambling early in the tournament on marginal hands is a sure way to get eliminated from the tournament. Of course if the cards are running over you, then you can play almost any two cards in Holdem. Generally low buy in tournament games which are held daily on internet websites are the best place to learn to play in tournament games.

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