What is 7 Card Stud

Author: Pankaj Gupta

7 Card studs which is the short form known for the seven-card-stud is one of the most popular games which are played in the poker arena. This was very famous before the game Texas-holdem become so popular that it rules the game of poker nowadays.  Though there have been many games which have become very popular in the gaming domain of poker, yet this game still holds its importance and is well liked by all even today.  It still is one of the most played games among the various poker games which are played by professionals as well as amateur poker players.

In this card game, the players are given the cards (seven in number all throughout the hand) with 3 down-cards as 4-face –cards which all together form the total 5-hand card.  This game is unlike the texas-holdem and the Omaha game of the poker where it has eight players playing this game in a single table and not ten players as it happens in the other games.

7 card stud is like the poker game as it also depends upon chance and the way luck favors you on the day you play this game.  Sometimes it is found that while playing this game all of the 8 players might remain back till the 7th card is played , then in such satiations, one card is placed ‘facing-up' at the center of the table. This is used as the community card for all the other players who are playing.  But again this does not happen very often and is a very rare occasion, but has been mentioned so that you get to know what has to be done incase such a situation arises.

There is a clockwise process which continues the game where each had starts off with the players who place the bet (forced in nature), after which the player gets the card one at a time with 2 face up cards. The betting starts with the player receiving the lowest face up cards and the player is decided by the suit of the cards. The process of folding in, raising and calling takes place amongst the players in midst of the betting which continues to happen clockwise. The rounds of betting carries on till the last and the final 5yj round with 7th streets. The game is depended completely upon luck and chance which decides the player with the best 5 card stud who is declared at the end of the showdown of all hands.

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