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The most important thing in video poker is learning which of your original five cards to keep or hold and which to discard. You should have a basic knowledge of what beats what and how to play five-card draw before getting into the nitty-gritty of strategy. Before you start playing video poker, you should first learn about poker hands and video poker probabilities. These two basic resources are actually very important, because they will help you determine the best hands to pursue when you are playing video poker in online casino.

You should also keep in mind that keeping a kicker is something you should never do while playing online poker. Start by playing Jacks or Better. It is the easiest video poker variation to understand and it will help you stay profitable even when you are relatively new to the game. You earn winnings every time you hit a winning combination of a Pair of Jacks or more. Knowing video poker probabilities will surely help you play this game better, because you will have no trouble at all determining the right hand to pursue.

For example, instead of keeping an Ace you should instead pursue a Three of a Kind by keeping the low Pair and trading the Ace. Being able to make this kind of decision will certainly make you that much profitable playing the game of video poker. By far, the most common question and situation I encounter is: What should you do when you are dealt a low pair (10s or lower)? While sometimes it may look tempting to draw to a straight or just try your luck with 5 entirely new cards, the answer is almost always to keep the low pair. The general exception to this rule is when you have 4 cards to a flush, straight flush, or a royal straight flush.

In these cases you always want to draw to the flush or straight flush because your odds of getting at least the flush are very good and the payout is so much higher. If you can remember this one single strategy, you will be in better shape than many players. For more precise and even better odds, below is a table telling you exactly which cards to keep and which to throw away depending on your starting 5 cards. To read the table, start at the top and match your hand to the highest one on the list and follow the number listed there. In other words, while you may have both a pair and four cards to a flush, such as having the Ace of hearts and the Ace, King, Queen, and Jack of spades (AAKQJ) you will discard the Ace or hearts and try to hit the royal straight flush, since "four-card royal straight flush" is higher on the chart than "High pair."

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