Time To Get Poker Educated

Author: Sandra Lewis

There are many ways by which you can learn about Poker. You could visit a casino and attend a lesson there. Alternatively, you could learn by playing with family and friends. But the best way to build your fundamentals of the game is to gain knowledge from well-written books.

Today you find many Poker books in the market which are written by veteran players and experts. These are highly helpful as they provide insights into the rules of each variant of Poker along with strategies and tips to make your game better. Here are some Poker books you should read.

One of the best Poker books available in the market is ‘The Theory of Poker'. Written by David Sklansky, it is a highly recommended book on Texas Hold'em Poker. It explores the general situations in the game and is a good introductory book to begin with. There is also another book by the same author titled ‘Tournament Players for Advanced Players'. It is a guide to make a successful transition from real poker to tournament play. This is because different tactics need to be adopted in each of the two cases.

If you are searching for specific information on No-limit Texas Hold 'em Poker tournaments, then it is a good idea to read ‘Harrington on Hold'em Expert Strategy for No Limits Tournaments'. It is written by former Poker World Series winner Dan Harrington and it dwells on the basics of the game, different playing styles in Poker and ways to develop strategies.

There is another good book called ‘Championship No-Limit and Pot-Limit Hold'em'. It focuses on both no-limit games as well as the rarer pot-limit Hold 'ems. The authors Tom McEvoy and T.J. Cloutier have made the book interesting by interspersing the game strategies with anecdotes of their own. This makes for an enriching read.

Some of the other good books on Poker are ‘Killer Poker: Strategy and Tactics for Winning Poker Play' by John Vorhaus and ‘Ace on the River: An Advanced Poker Guide' by Barry Greenstein.

If you are planning to play Poker, you must be clear on the fact that it is not a game of luck. To be good at Poker is an art that you acquire over time. Successful winning at Poker games necessitates application of masterful tactics and strategies. By reading these books and applying the information contained within them, you can definitely polish your Poker skills.

The best approach to adopt is to couple your reading from these books with actual playing of the game. Begin with playing for free and try to apply the different strategies that are given in the book. Gradually once you get to pick up the feel of the game of your own, you could put your money onto it. Then again, it is wiser to start with low limit games. Your ultimate endeavor should be to go for those games where you have an edge over your fellow players. This is the best way to succeed at Poker.

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