The Poker Tournament Strategy

Author: Rajin Jones

Poker tournament strategy is very different for a sit and go tournament than for a multi-table game. Every kind of tournament has a totally different set of play and playing style. A winning player makes his money from the money which the opponents loose. Losing money in any poker game is because of either playing a wrong hand or either due to someone else being a better player than you. There is no such standard winner in a poker game. There is only one winner, and the winner in the current play need not necessarily be a winner in the next play.

Losing need not necessarily mean that you had played a poor poker tournament strategy but it can just mean that the other player had made a little better poker tournament strategy than you did. A mild difference in approach can bring in lot of changes in the flow of the game and the way in which the game is being played. Sometimes an idiotic play of one player can lead to a big winning against a good player! May be they hit the stone of luck quite dramatically in the turn or river rounds! Or the better player folded to some kind of wrong reading capabilities.

Playing only solid hands is the most recommended form of poker tournament strategy, but those that are targeting towards a championship or the tourney should employ a totally different kind of approach. They tend to play hands that are less solid. But this may not lead to winning always, but some players are so skilled in bluffing that they get your better hand kicked out by the way they bluff!

Bad plays right from the beginning of the blinds can turn out to be uncorrectable poker tournament strategy errors. It is quite common that we may play to protect our blinds. Unless the player has not been disciplined to be really correct, defending your blinds is going to leave you with much more expenditure and you may never make any kind of profit. Rather than playing defensive, try to learn techniques to play the blinds correctly right from the beginning.

Traps! Learning to identify if you are truly trapped is an important poker tournament strategy that one should master. An Ace-King is a popularly known trap, but it is also true that if you can read the board in your favor to make something good with it you can still make great winnings! Learning to identify when the so-called trap listed hand “will perform” and “will not perform” is quite an essential and can be done by learning a bit of poker mathematics.

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