Small and Big Blind in Poker

Author: Black Smith

Blinds otherwise called forced bets are quite common in holdem games. Before the cards are ever dealt small and big bets are obligatory investments by the player clockwise to the dealer.

With having already invested some chips from being in the position of blinds, it can be kind of tricky to decide to let your money go to elsewhere. And people often make the mistake of being behind their forced bets. It is quite important to play wise rather than calling and making a raise because you have made the forced bet.

There is also a common confusion between the blinds and the ante. Ante is an obligatory participation fee kind thing that is followed by a bring in; however, what makes ante different form small blind and big blind is that, every participant player need to ante, whereas the small blind and big blind is placed by the 2 player left to the dealer respectively.

• The small blind is usually half of the big blind

• Big blind is twice the small blind and in most stances happens to be minimum bet of each round.

Why is a blind better than an ante? The reason behind preferring a blind against an ante is that pot becomes too big for a starter bet in an ante, but with blinds it is comparatively small and comfortable causing a good start in having more players betting and not minding to pay the extra price to see if their hand can improve despite holding medium hands!

Small blind position is advantages! This is because you already donate half the true bet amount and you have the concession to see your cards for a less price than others. However, you should not be behind your small blind money and play wrong hands.

Big blind position is better! With having donated the money in the pot in full to the lowest betting, you can decide on a call after seeing how the rest of the table behaves and how your starting hands turn out to be. All bet raises are made in multiples of big blinds.

Some interesting information about blind in poker is:-

• Unless there is going to be a blind in poker every player is going to wait for an Ace or a better card to, big blind and small blind catalyzes the rounds to start up.

• Since with every round the big blind and small blind position is going to rotate between players, there is truly nothing wrong or unfair with forced bets or a blind in poker by any means.

• Being a blind gives you the advantage of concealing your hand. People may think that you are trying to save your blind rather than you having a best hand unless you make it very obvious.

• With being the last of all to act the blind in poker is an advantageous position; however big blind has more advantage than the small blind in this sense.

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