Poker Strategies - 5 Must-Know Poker Tips

Author: Bill Carton

Poker is one of casino games that truly required good skills to win. Different from other games that required mostly the playe's luck, your skills and strategies used to play in poker games make the different between win and lose. Here are the 5 must-know poker tips that every player should aware of when they play at the game:

1. Watch your opponents reactions

When playing at poker table, besides reading your own cards, one of the most important things to do is watch your opponent reactions when he looks at his final river card. Average poker players are very like to show some reactions when they read their card which will help you to determine whether your opponent are holding good or bad hand. If they have good hand, they very likely to only look for a short time and try to look uninterested. So, you should not bet or call if you have marginal hands.
Conversely, if you found your opponent keeps staring at the cards longer than necessary, that might be an indication of bad hand. Your opponent is trying to make you think that he is interested in it. In this case, you can bet medium-strong hand for profit.

2. A good time to bluff

In poker game, you can win even you have bad hand, it just a matter whether you can successfully bluff your opponent. So, when is the best time to bluff? When you found that an opponent is reaching his chips or threatening to make a call, then it might a good time to bluff. When a player is trying to discourage his opponent's bet by threatening to call, most often he will not have hands that are powerful enough to raise his bet, so most of time he will either call or fold. Therefore, it will be a good time to bluff and attempt an expectation of profit.

3. Be Pleasant When Playing

In poker game, aggressive players always lose in the long run. You should always be pleasant when playing the game, try to be gracious when you lose. If you make your playing experience as pleasant as possible and make winning with bad hands, and lose painlessly, you will be the winner in the long run.

4. Better to bet than check and call

Most often, it may be better to bet than check and call. This is because if you are checking and at the same time your opponent also doing the same, you will lost the chance to profit from ether being called with a bad hand or winning the pot outright without being called. Same goes to a call. So, it is often better to bet than check or call.

5. Be careful when letting opponents see card by checking

While playing the poker game, it's often necessary to let your opponent to check your card. A check that gives an opponent a chance to see your card may let him with a bad hand to stumble into free winning hands, so be real careful when letting your opponent see your cards by checking.


Poker is a highly skill dependence casino game. A player can win with bad hands or lose with good hands, it's a matter how you play the game. So, use the above 5 must-know poker tips to guide you through. Good luck!

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