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Single Table Tournaments, STTs, Sit and go, Sit n go, SNGs and all other nicknames refer to the same thing, a type of Texas hold em poker where the player ‘buys in' to the tournament for a set fee, receives the equal amounts of chips and then battles to be the last one standing.

Sit and Go poker tournaments are extremely convenient for the poker players at beginner's level as they have a set fee only unlike cash tables with no limits. Also this type of Poker is quick to play.

If you are a beginner it is always better to start from lowest stakes table and gradually build up the budget once you are comfortable with the game.  Also, as these Single Table Tournaments are ‘freeze-out tournaments', so these are the best for beginner level players. The term ‘freeze-out' means that the player cannot re-buy into the game if he loses his chips. So the worst that can happen is that a poker beginner can only lose his buy-in fee.

The following section gives you few Sit and Go tips to poker beginners and will help you to learn sit n go poker.

As a beginner you should always play to your level and should not enter expensive tournaments where the skill level of other players will be high. The other reason to avoid these tournaments is that it will affect your confidence and can drain any enjoyment out of the game.

Don't engage yourself in making silly bets. In the beginning you should always fold any poor hands and play tight.  At this stage it is extremely important to act in position and use control to your advantage, as well as preserving your all important chips.

As the game progresses and few players are knocked down it is a time for you to loosen up and start bluffing and play weaker hands. The key at this point is survival. So keep on taking as many pots as possible to ensure you can keep paying for your blinds and stay in the tournament.  Most of the profit in a sit n go tournament will come from opponents making mistakes at the bubble. Bubble can be defined as the point where there is just one opponent to go before the paying places begin.

And if you are lucky to get to the last two or three players, then that's the time to get really aggressive. Use the chips you have to lead the betting and start reading the opposition rather than simply relying on the cards you have in your hand.

And remember, that you won't be able to win every Sit and Go tournament, but as long as you stick to the games with low buy ins, you can pick yourself up and give it another go without wasting your precious money.

There is always some aspect of the poker player's game that can be improved. So at the end of play, always look back at the hands you played well and the ones which could have been played better. The more you practice the better the chance of you winning more. So look for the best poker school online and start honing your poker skills and improve your poker play.

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