How To Find An Easy Multi Player Tournament

Author: Jay Smith

It's easy to get excited about the profit potential of poker tournaments after you've watched live coverage of the biggest poker events. Virtually all of those events are multi-table tournaments. That means that a large field of players is whittled down to one last table over the course of several levels. MTTs are all over the Internet, and some actually offer payouts that are comparable to their live counterparts'. The biggest online poker tournaments regularly attract thousands of entrants. It's nice on one hand because it translates to a bigger prize pool, but on the other hand it means that players hoping to finish in the money can expect to dedicate several hours to one event.


Let's face it, not all of us have the time or patience to grind online for eight hours only to claim a $10 cash. The key to making online MTTs profitable is knowing where to find the winnable ones. That's why we're going to explain in detail just how to find an easy MTT.


Play During Off-Peak Hours

A lot of players are naturally drawn to online poker rooms during peak hours. Not only is that generally the time that's most convenient for amateurs to play, but honestly a lot of players also enjoy feeling like they're part of the bigger action. Unfortunately, if you're aiming for the easiest MTTs then you want to do the opposite and come when the traffic is lowest.


Peak hours differ from one site to the next because some rooms cater to different audiences (like European players vs American players). The easiest way to determine what the off-peak hours are is to simply pop in and check traffic on different days and at different times. Fewer players means better odds, and if you buy into a guaranteed tournament then you know your payout won't be affected.


Avoid Big Events

We're not telling players they shouldn't compete in the big online events; if that's your ambition then by all means give it a go. What we're talking about is playing regular MTTs during poker room promotions. When a big online series is in full swing, not only are there more players at the non-event MTTs, they tend to be of a higher caliber as some of the serious tournament players waste time between their games.


Get Invited

Some of the best MTT odds are at the special invitation-only tournaments hosted by various poker clubs and sites. You'll have to be a member to get invited, but that's usually no harder than sending a sign-up email to the necessary people.


Show Up Early

Have you ever noticed that big tournaments like the WSOP Main Event have larger turnouts on the later qualifying days? The same is true of online tournaments. If you're looking to score a seat through a satellite MTT, then sign up for the earlier tournaments. Not only is the field thinner, but if you don't happen to win then you've got plenty of time and opportunities to try again.

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