How To Build Your Bankroll - A Poker Strategy Guide

Author: shana jane Yin

Here's a poker strategy guide that really works if you want to build your bankroll... play against weak players.

Most intermediate poker player have used this poker strategy guide to increase their bankroll and allowed them to practice.

This poker strategy comes from my personal experience playing poker all these years. When I became an intermediate poker player my poker strategy guide was to play against the beginners, I take their money and build my bank account. It may not be so challenging and it may not be the best thing to boast of but it has helped me build my bank account so that I have the artillery to play against good poker players. That is basically the concept of my poker strategy guide for building a bankroll.

It used to be that some site such as Pacific Poker is where all the beginners learned to play. Then the beginners went to attratcted by the advertising the site focused on. Now there is a UK site called Blue Square where all the the beginners played. I used to frequent these sites.

This is the winning system and a good poker strategy guide , I mean why do you have to play against players who are great and why do you have to play on established sites? If you want free flowing cash go to fishy sites or sites the are teeming with beginners. There is no rule that prohibits you from doing so anyway.
Also check out sites which have great amount of micro cash and tournament games. These sites will usually be a gold mine in beginners and you can make a killing, okay brutal words but come on my poker strategy guide is effective. Plus I love these sites for beginners because the software itself is very entertaining.

What I did was actully to deposit US$500 and as a sign up player I get a bonus of US$100. So what I do is I chose to play in a table that sits 6 beginners with a minimum for that table being US$10. So this means that the pot money for this table will be US$60, the 40 dollars goes to the winner while the runner up get US$10 fee (this is the particular system and rule of the site that I joined). So I can win anywhere from US$30 a game to US$8. Ofcourse this is gambling and there is luck involved in poker but the more I play and the more I win (or rank 2nd place) the better money I earn in the long run.

So this poker strategy guide to winning may be tedious and it is not a one time big time kind of thing but hey its a steady cash flow and in the end thats all that matters!

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