Chronicles Of An Online Poker Player - Part Four

Author: J.Scott Miller

Author: J. Scott Miller

"Playing Limit or No-Limit"

Okay, so what will it be, limit poker, or no-limit poker? You better know the difference before you begin playing. By saying this, I mean by the types of players who play in these rooms. I will either choose 25/50 cent no-limit or $2/$4 limit.

I have said in the past that I will sometimes buy in for $20 in a 10/20 cent no-limit room. But doing so without having a bankroll to continue on, should you lose an all-in bet, says you're only in it for the short term. That will say a lot about you and the way you play. I will constantly see people buy in for $5, go all-in, but no one will call. Then that same person goes all-in again, and no one calls. But it will happen. Someone will eventually call him and he will lose. "Bloop!" There is another $5 buy in from that player. He continues on until he has had enough and will disappear.

Please, don't get this person confused with the "Bully" that I spoke about in my first article. This guy is simply in it for the short term, as am I when I buy in for only $20. Even though $20 would be the maximum I can buy in for, you should have money backed up in your account to "reload" just in case.

This brings up another issue. Good online players will keep notes as to how people play. Believe it or not, this happens. That is what separates me from the good players …uh, you know what I mean.

Players in smaller limit rooms will definitely have more chasers, also known as "fish." "Fish" are people who chase the deck for cards on 4th street and the river. But "fish" can be found anywhere. So if you are playing in a lower limit game, be careful how you play. By saying "lower limit," this could be as much as $2/$4 limit rooms. Be aggressive with the "fish" players so they will drop out of the hand. Even then it may not be enough and you will find you are on the wrong side of a river card flush. I hate people like me!

Now playing no-limit is for true "gamblers." I don't even mean card players in general, but simply a person who likes to gamble for the fun of it. This, of course, is really meant for the lower no-limit games. Once you buy in for $50, or even $200, you better make sure you are not in this "just for the fun of it." There are plenty of players out there swimming through the internet poker rooms looking for the perfect catch. Don't get reeled in by one of them.

Have you made your decision yet? You can read all of the different professional poker player's books, there are plenty of them, (And I recommend it) but these are people who can tell you what cards you have by looking into your eyes. They can't do this with online poker. If you feel like you may be overwhelmed, or under skilled as a player, stay low and learn by your mistakes. Once you have decided what you like most, stick with it. And like I said before, be aggressive. Stay on the gas peddle and go for broke.

Maybe that's why I am broke? See you at the tables.

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