Chronicle Of An Online Poker Player - Part Eleven - Intertops New Poker Room

Author: J.Scott Miller

"Intertops New Poker Room" 

Author: J. Scott Miller


Hello again, it's been a while (Wasn't that a song?), anyway, I just bought $30 worth of "chips" to play at Intertops New Online Poker Room.  

The payment options are easy, and that can be good, or like me, that can be bad. So, as I log in I see everything looks like a cartoon set up. It looks nice, but once in you have to choose an avatar (Which is a person you may think you look like the most). I didn't see any suckers, so I chose the "uni-bomber" looking guy with the hood. I'm sure no one would think to choose that one. But as it turns out, there are only so many avatars to choose from, and I was disappointed about that, mainly because you can be on one table and be facing several of your twins. I mean, isn't there only room for one sucker at each table? I would have loved it they could have made it like the Wii system, where you can build your own "Mii" person that actually looks like me. 

DAY 1:

As I log in I think I can hear Suzanne from VIP services (She's the best) saying; "What's your pleasure? Texas Hold ‘em? Or would you like Omaha poker? And would it be limit or no limit? Perhaps you would like to play in a tournament?" Too many options, I just want to play poker.  
I logged on and went to (Ring games) and a room named "Pebble Beach." So here I am playing "Pebble Beach" for only $30 (Not the $495 they charge today for golf at the real Pebble Beach Golf Links).  I brought my $30 to a 25 cent/ 50 cent table, which is just over half ($50) of what they allow for the maximum buy-in for that level.  

I notice that they have a rewards program where you reach levels of "Gold coins," for playing so many hands. Plus a GOLD CARD may appear which is another great bonus program. You don't even have to play the hand to get the GOLD CARD, you can fold and it will appear. The more GOLD CARDS you acquire the more money you may be able to win. 

As I played I looked around the screen and saw the "options" tab. You can click on a player and take notes, or even click on them to click; "Hot player," or "Easy money," or "Good player." Then I clicked on one particular guy to see where he was from. "Guangzhou?" Is that a disease or a city?  Anyway, his avatar was this huge fat guy with glasses.  Right away I could see he meant business because he went "all-in" versus another player, who called. The guy from the "city of diseases" had AA and the other guy had flopped trips and that was that. The one thing I liked about when you went all-in and the other player(s) call you, all the cards being played are exposed. This makes for a more real playing experience. Another thing I liked about the options was that I can trace how I am playing. I could see how many hands I went the distance on and how I fared. Where I folded and where I lost. 

I am now 30 minutes in and down to $21.50, but I'm not worried. I'm still feeling this thing out.  I clicked on options again and saw this particular table averages 88 hands per hour at $4 per hand.  Well two of those hands happen to be my $8 gone "bye-bye." But as I look down again, I notice that in my "hand history" that I have won 4 of 4 hands going to the river, but on the downside, I am 1 for 53 otherwise. That doesn't mean I have lost 52 of 53 hands. It just means that I may have not played many (Or any) of those hands. I like the "hand history" option. I now know that I am a complete loser.
"Uh oh, my twin (Uni-Loser) just sat down next to a guy that looks like my brother-in-law! And he is next to the fat guy from the city of diseases!" There are 6 players here and two sets of twins. Yuk! 

Just got JJ, going all-in, and I won $5. Now I'm back to $25. After playing for 45 minutes I have decided that I do like the new poker room that Intertops has set up.  Then a short while later I was down to $15 and went all in versus the fat guy from the city of diseases. I was shooting for a straight and a flush. He had a pair and I caught nothing. But I played for nearly an hour. It was a $30 experiment that did not pay off. 

In closing… I will tell you for a long time I played at Intertops Poker using their "Flash version," because I am a closet poker player. Not sure if that is even an option any longer, but this is MUCH better, trust me on this. Seeing this new poker room, I will honestly say that like any website, there are pluses and minuses.  I think the pluses outweigh the minuses because it is a fun place to play. And by the way, my brother-in-law's AVATAR is a horrible player! See you at the tables. 

Day 2:
I wanted to give it another shot, so I bought in again for another $45. I sat down at a 5cent/10cent no-limit game.  It allows you to buy in for a max of $5.  I lost that in about 15 minutes, but it has been fun doing it.  I then bought in again for another $5. I worked my way up to $15 and went all-in vs. an avatar that looks like Willy Nelson.  My KK was better than his JJ, so I left the table up $20. Now I'm only down 3 million. 

See you again at the tables at Intertops! 

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