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Stud poker is a popular poker game for home games and casinos in US and other countries across the world. Earlier, it was a game that was played by less than required players. But now, there are various car stud poker tournaments which are shown on televisions and in which the winner is given large prizes.


The history of stud poker is dated back to the Persian game of Nas. The method of playing stud poker is same as Nas was played in earlier times. The bluffing concept was derived from a game called as Bragg which was introduced by the British and in which only three cards were used to play the game.


At the beginning, stud poker was used to play with five cards during the Civil War in 1860. Later it was shared by the version of draw poker and evolved as a seven card game.

 Difference between Stud and Draw Poker

In draw poker, player can exchange his cards before the winning hand is declared but in stud poker, you cannot do so. You can perform wagering to the two hole cards with face down. Only the player to whom the cards are given knows about them. The rest of the five cards are shown. It is the most common stud poker version and is called as 7-car stud poker.

Casino Varieties of Stud Poker

A number of stud poker versions are played in the casinos. Some of them are based on the number of cards dealt including three, five or seven card stud. In the year 1980 in Aruba, a different stud poker version was introduced in which the game was played against casino instead of other players. It was known as Caribbean Stud Poker.

Home Variations of Stud Poker

There are different versions of stud poker for home poker games such as Hi-Lo in which the players having the highest as well as lowest hand take the pot. Another version is also there which include adding or removing wild cards from the deck. In Spanish Stud Poker, only cards with 7 or higher rank are kept for playing and other cards are removed.

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