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Author: Angelina Wang

If you've ever played online and felt the thrill of playing the ultimate bluffing contest with people from hundreds or thousands of miles away, you know what it feels to get crappy user interface or subpar service from your poker software. This is especially true if you're playing with actual money. If you're an online entrepreneur looking to establish an online casino or poker room that offers a quality mix of functionality, design, and a system administration that cares what players get, then you might want to team up with Cybertech.

Like you, Cybertech cares what the gamers get—it's not all about making money off them, but about the overall gaming experience; the money just follows. And isn't that what poker players are after --the experience? Hop on over to our website to see the gist of what sort of company Cybertech is and what sort of quality their platforms have, and you won't be disappointed. Formally though, for your information, Cybertech International Holdings Ltd. is the gaming giant and online software and gaming platform arm of D.G. Holdings Ltd. It sounds impressive because it is. Cybertech alone is a company of reputable background and immense proportions that you're sure you'd be getting only the best and world leading software from them. Anyway, you should know a bit more about the poker software suite.

Here's a rundown of what you'll get from Cybertech's poker software. It is engineered to be a top notch, world class, exclusive Massively Multiplayer Online Game (MMOG) 3D poker platform that runs on Cybertech's Atlantis Network (which is in it a world class, high-end gaming network). Users or players connect to dynamic and scalable game servers with a stylish and smoothly designed 3D client that they can download. The entire poker software suite has 13 variations of Poker—from top ranking variants Seven Card Stud and Texas Hold'em to world renowned Triple Draw and Razz, and even locally famous variations such as Telesina and Badugi. And as for its features, you can expect:

1.      Stable backups and high availability even through system errors and redundancies for each and every sub system within the suite.

2.      Gaming APIs abstracted and optimized for Lowest Common Features at every level of the poker gaming system.

3.      The whole platform accommodation of a full suite of casinos, bingo and Sports MMOGs, and poker products for added value.

4.      Dynamic scaling of poker software and configuration allowing for continued growth in the number of poker players.

5.      Speedy game play and hosting of multiple games at the same time, affording your players a great end user poker experience

6.      Software builds carrying in-depth regression testing (which goes through 600 varied conditions); to date, the rules of the games have been tested and verified for four years and counting.

7.      Advance fraud detection algorithms and collusion prevention schemes embedded into the software.

8.      Advanced security features for both administrator and players through SSL, random number generators, and secure payments.

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