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Video games are the most popular spare time activity globally. In US alone, 65% of households play videogames. In addition, the players can range from kids who enjoy simple puzzle games to seniors who like Flash-based mind games to pass time. Playing these games can refresh the mind, develop mental skills and teach us a thing or two about real life. These are some of the advantages of playing videogames while having fun. Adults usually play games to relax their minds and escape worldly troubles. However, playing these games all by yourself can be a much more taxing activity. It limits the fun that you can experience. So why don't you play these games on the Internet? There's a wide selection of free online games that you can try out any time of the day.

Online games are the perfect solution if you're feeling all pathetic playing alone. Tons of Internet sites will allow you to play thousands and thousands of games, some are free, and some are paid. Either way, you're still guaranteed an exhilarating game experience. As a matter of fact, many of these sites provide a download link of no-cost trail version on your PC.

Online games have a lot of genres. Some of the widely known are action, adventure, arcade, puzzle, racing, role playing, strategy, shooting, cards, casino, boards and so on. This goes to prove that online games also cater to casual gamers. There are a lot of games you can play if you just want to do something to keep you from getting bored. Every genre offers infinite options and this is the easiest way to keep yourself entertained.

Another big time hit are the adventure games online wherein you can explore different locales and build and conquer new kingdoms and mythical words. These games are especially crafted to bring you to another dimension where you would totally forget about time. You may be playing for five hours, but you feel as though an hour has just passed. Normally, this type of game requires you to look for particular items and kill aliens, devils, zombies and dragons. It's a different experience every game, that's why it's no surprise why so many people are so hooked.

Meanwhile, if you aim to refresh your mind and improve your logic and mental skills, playing puzzle games best fit you. Yes they're enjoyable, but they're mind-boggling as well. And although they may appear easy and simple in the beginning, you'll eventually realize that they're deeper and more complicated than ordinary. Nevertheless, they are a good way to relax your worked out mind. If you wish to, you can also motivate your kids to play these games too, because they can help build their analytic, problem-solving and logic skills.

There are also online casinos that not only let people play those games, but also earn money through their bets. Blackjack, poker, roulette and more are playable in thousands of online casinos out there; some people have even made a decent income playing nothing but online poker or online blackjack. WSOP winner Chris Moneymaker – yes, that is his real name – first made his name as a poker player over the Internet. There are also places online where these can be played without putting real money on the line, though they also remove the opportunity to make money.

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