New Online Slots Players

Many online slots will post the 'payout table' alongside the actual playing screen, whilst others will require the player to click a certain tab that will probably say 'Payout Table', in order to reveal it. Since clicking tabs whilst trying to concentrate on the slots can be frustrating and confusing, it's beneficial to make a copy of the payout table onto a piece of paper, so that you can consult it whenever you want, without having to navigate away from the main playing page. In most cases, online casino interfaces will inform slot players when they have any winnings (this is usually done by highlighting the exact combination, or running a line through the matching symbols), however, it is just recommended that players make a copy of all winning combinations, just for good measure. This is particularly important when playing multi-spin slots, which gives players the chance of an initial free spin, with the option to put certain symbols on hold for the 'final' spin. If a player hits a "Wild card" symbol on the free spin, it would be highly advisable to put it on Hold, and therefore by knowing the payout table in your head, you'll immediately know which symbols and what combinations should be put on Hold for a multi-spin slot machine. Visit for more information.

Additionally, it's recommended that new players to online slots take advantage of the 'free play' function that most casinos offer. This enables gamblers to play the slots without having to gamble any money, and there's no limit on how long players can use free play for, so a good way to memorise the payout table - as well as gaining experience at the slots - would be to use this practice mode function.