Party Poker Affiliate Program

Author: Groshan Fabiola

The owners of successful web pages, especially those dealing with gambling or sports betting should consider signing up for an online poker affiliate program as a means of gaining yet another good source of revenue. Each World Series of Poker or poker tournament makes online poker rooms more and more popular, which leads to a continuous growth in the online gambling revenue.

But what exactly is an affiliate program? The answer is simple. It represents a means of promoting a web business, in our case online poker, and being rewarded for every customer, visitor or subscriber. Compensation in an affiliate program can be achieved through one of the following methods: revenue share, Cost Per Sale (or CPA) or Pay Per Click (or PPC). The predominant method in most affiliate programs is revenue share, although combinations are possible.

It is recommended that your web site be concerned with online gambling or related content in order for you to make the most out of your online poker affiliate program. There are many affiliate networks and directories where you can choose the program that you are interested in. You may want to check out major poker rooms and their promotions, if you feel undecided about what poker affiliate program to choose. You should keep in mind that poker affiliates can make from $10,000 to $150,000 a month, although the lower limit is more likely for the average ones. Big bucks will only come from the big programs, and only if you’re in the top in this industry.

Generally, a poker affiliate program can pay from 20% to 40% of the gross rake of the referred players for their lifetime account. Another compensation method is possible, that of flat rate per account, where you can earn from $65 to $200 for each new account. If you consider the popularity of online poker and the number of people committed to online gambling you’ll see that these figures can really boost your bottom line.

Choosing a Party Poker affiliate program is an inspired move because promoting this poker room is quite easy. Their CPA and revenue share rates may be lower than with other affiliate programs, but they stand out with the best conversion rates in this industry. Being a Party Poker affiliate means that you are always paid on time and you have unique bonus codes, as well as detailed stats.

Reviews place Party Poker among the favorites as far as affiliate programs for beginners are concerned. It is a fact that almost anyone can make money as a Party Poker affiliate, as over fifty percent of the online poker market share belongs to them. This program stipulates that every affiliate will be assigned an affiliate manager, and negotiation for a higher commission is possible. Party Poker offers the basic features of a good poker website, such as multi-tables, table stats, hand history review, and account transfers from one player to another, which means that there is no reason why this poker room should be less popular than others. All in all, Party Poker has a very good affiliate program, which should not be overlooked in spite of its minor drawbacks, such as average graphics.

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