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Read your poker opponents like an open book!

Even though the game of poker implies having a little bit of luck and getting the right cards, the truth is that there is an easier way to get that stream of victories and that is reading the body language of your opponents. In other words, you must find the "tell" of the people you are playing with, especially when there is a large sum of money at stake. The "tell" is a physical reaction or a habit that gives the other person away and from which you can find out whether you should continue on the hand or not. Basically, you will need to observe and learn the automatic behaviors people do when they have certain cards in their hands and take advantage of them. [...]

Online Poker Rules 101: Beginners Learn the Basics

A lot of people fall in love with poker because it simply is a brilliant game that mixes luck, skill and psychology to win. Poker players have to be sharp and have to be in tune with the psychological aspect of the game to be a great poker player. [...]

Odds Calculator Will Help To Increase Your Odds Of Victory

During your online poker playing career there will be times during a game of hold em that you will look at your hole cards and will not be certain what to do. You will ask yourself, should I bet? Shoud I call? Should I raise? Can a poker odds calculator actually help you make these decisions? [...]

Other Popular Casino Games

Whether you are a beginner or a pro there is an assortment of casino games to play, featuring both online and in land based casinos. Some appear just for fun whilst others can result in a major cash payout. Video Slots is one of the more contemporary casino games and requires the participant to play using a computer screen, the computer screen in turn replaces the reels on a mechanical slot machine. Video Slots give the player the option of being able to place a bet on many more lines, than appose to those that are available on a slot machine that houses reels. [...]

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United Kingdom Online Poker Rankings: Conor Beresford Leads - PokerNews.com 19 Jan 2017, 4:43 pm


United Kingdom Online Poker Rankings: Conor Beresford Leads
Conor “1_conor_b_1” Beresford has climbed to the top of the United Kingdom's online poker rankings, provided by PocketFives.com, following a string of impressive results. Beresford finished second in the $1,050 Super Tuesday at PokerStars on Jan. 10 ...
PokerStars Turbo Championship of Online Poker Begins Today4Flush.com
PokerStars kicks off $15 million Turbo Championship of Online PokerCasino City Times (press release)
Pokerstars festival makes its London debutCalvinAyre.com

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Storytelling with Barry Greenstein - Pokerfuse 18 Jan 2017, 11:55 pm


Storytelling with Barry Greenstein
... Greenstein's thoughts on poker and philanthropy and where he donates money these days, what he would still like to accomplish in poker and how long he'll play the game and why he considers PokerStars to be a “good actor” in the US online poker sector.

New Jersey Online Poker Briefing: Michael 'mdb77' DellaBarca Wins Big - PokerNews.com 18 Jan 2017, 3:26 pm


New Jersey Online Poker Briefing: Michael 'mdb77' DellaBarca Wins Big
Michael "mdb77" DellaBarca was the biggest winner on the third Sunday of 2017 on New Jersey's regulated online poker network after taking down the WSOP.com NJ/888poker NJ $50,000 Ultimate Warrior for $13,500 against a final table packed with ...

NJ Online Poker Revenue Is Up For 2016, But Only Modestly - US Poker (blog) 17 Jan 2017, 7:32 pm

US Poker (blog)

NJ Online Poker Revenue Is Up For 2016, But Only Modestly
US Poker (blog)
Thanks to the launch of PokerStars, NJ online poker revenue was up in 2016, but the increase was far from dramatic. Expect revenue to remain stable in 2017.

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888 Leaves Australian Online Poker Market, PokerStars Could Be ... - OnlinePokerReport.com 17 Jan 2017, 1:00 pm


888 Leaves Australian Online Poker Market, PokerStars Could Be ...
888 is out of the Australian online poker market and despite the revenue pain, PokerStars is likely to follow suit very shortly.
888poker Withdraws from Australia - Poker News DailyPoker News Daily

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How to play Sit and Go Poker

Single Table Tournaments, STTs, Sit and go, Sit n go, SNGs and all other nicknames refer to the same thing, a type of Texas hold em poker where the player 'buys in' to the tournament for a set fee, receives the equal amounts of chips and then battles to be the last one standing.

Sit and Go poker tournaments are extremely convenient for the poker players at beginner's level as they have a set fee only unlike cash tables with no limits. Also this type of Poker is quick to play. [...]

How to Win a Multi Table Tournament

What follows is a suggestion on how to go about playing a MTT.

This is not a hardened set of rules to follow, but is intended to provide a suggestion on how to go about winning a MTT or at very least placing in the money as often as possible. Taking into account that a MTT can vary from as little as 5 to as many as several thousand players, there is a very large element of luck in not only winning a MTT, but even placing in the money.

There are some very nice reasons to play in a MTT. [...]